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Ranked as the no.1 Private Engineering Institute by MHRD, Govt. Of India (NIRF-2018 Ranking), VIT was founded in the year 1984 by the visionary Dr. G. Vishwanathan. Since then it has witnessed a meteoric rise and set an ambitious growth rate. It is a globally engaged, competitive research- enriched campus, strategically located in a city that is one of the biggest automotive and IT hubs in India. It's towering presence in technical and management education, infrastructure that meets global standards and digitalization is manifested by the scholastic faculties who are a cynosure in the academic realm.

Renaissance is an initiative to form a community of like-minded people in VIT Chennai in order to encourage and support startups. The focus of our efforts is aimed at providing a platform for the growing entrepreneurial mindset within students. We hope to establish an ecosystem by which the students, as well as the entrepreneurs, will benefit, a wonderful networking opportunity for the young aspiring minds to interact with the experienced hands of the industry.

Feb 2019 brings to you the most awaited and acknowledged fest of VIT Chennai. Collating, the success of the fest last year, we present to you , the second edition of Renaissance. Last year had witnessed applauded concepts, engrossed participants and driven minds with innovation. The three day fest will involve innovation tycoons interacting with innumerable minds intertwined through engaging events to manifest the theme of Encorporating startup ecosystem and providing a platform for budding startups.




Presente Vous

3th February, 2019

Your pitch, your win. The stage is set, it awaits the ring of your inspiration and the voices of unique minds that aim to reach out and start out on their own. Presente Vous is the ultimate place to team up and get your start up the backing it needs. Don't fret, we also have the help you might need. Mentors to guide you through the process and shape up your ideas to perfection. Some areas of prime importance will be Technology- advances in sustainability, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to name a few, as well as Finances, Education, Health and Wellness.



Business Carpet

8th February, 2019
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

If all the world's a stage then the world is coming to VIT Chennai. A world full of entrepreneurs and exciting ventures. There's a change in the winds, so put your sails high and let the journey begin. This StartUp Expo is the place you want to be if you want some company along. They'll be here to showcase their fruits of labour and love, we'll be here to witness such beauty in real time.

Magnet Moulding

7th and 8th February, 2019
Amphitheater, Academic Block 1, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

“Speak so that you can influence the society”. Magnate moulding is an opportunity for the mentors to share the world what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. 90 minutes and you will sparkle with the fire of want to become like them in your eyes. Converting a startup in crises into a proper business plan will let you a jist of their journey. Enough to inspire you to work hard so that your dreams can come true. Come, listen, build and enjoy the feast for the soul.

Intership Drive

8th February, 2019
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

Open your eyes, rise and shine, suit up quirky, quiet or fine. But let us remind, do not leave your cv behind.This edition of the Internship Drive comes with the promise to let you be the best while learning from the best. Theoretical knowledge is available in plenty but application is the real decider, to get yourself a rung up on the ladder. While you may be looking at some like minds, the startups may find in you their right choice.

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